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Antique Clock Makers Marks

Channel faces significant changes to equipment to improve the competitiveness of enterprises

December 11, 2004, sales in the Chinese market Retail officially opened foreign capital, foreign capital can not be a business long before the big fight in which they appear. In fact, the war began. Wal-Mart, Carrefour began taking reports have filled the media. Strong commercial and domestic capital, but also significantly increased the rate of expansion in the near future the most representative companies that Suning. First half of 2004, based on the prestige market, encouraging new development Suning 75 stores, so that the total number of stores 185.

But when you look at the struggle of Chinese and foreign capital intense business activity in space characteristics, we find that both conscious or unconsciously, ignored a place that is three or four markets. While foreign capital is "urban guerrilla" is the realm of terror, and the rural market is remains wide faction quiet and peaceful.

Three, four markets may remain long in silence?

channel switching devices, the culture of core competitiveness

When we try to build from the perspective of the competitiveness of Chinese companies based in the heart of a future life, we find that the marketing advantage of the building has become an urgent task for Chinese companies.

Decide on the competitiveness of the four elements of technology, manufacturing, branding and marketing a business competitiveness is the result of a combination of four factors. However, in this four-door "duty" review, as well as "marketing" one, there is no advantage of speaking Chinese companies. Therefore, how to further strengthen the marketing advantage? the Chinese companies are focusing on the future competitiveness of the construction. Construction of the canal is obviously at the heart of the commercial advantage.

1990, late Chinese companies to foreign brand appliances jumped on the horse, not the light of day, a very important reason is that Chinese companies with good "Chinese market", ie price wars and the War Channel.

But now more and more foreign companies to understand the meaning of the string, followed by a "movement of the location." When we find a number and more foreign companies have started buying local local production, domestic sales, especially in home currency "eye for an eye, but also a person in his body" to deal with companies China suddenly found that Chinese companies are marketing advantage, it has been eclipsed. Some Jing Wen: It's easy to understand, LG "LG is not the way where a foreign brand? "is how to deal with Chinese companies and Chinese companies. In fact, as Panasonic, Philips, this brand, but also to adjust the China market strategy, implementation of local marketing. Chinese companies have long been among the best of ourselves and the advantage of marketing, is facing enormous challenges.

If the technical advantages, manufacturing, something that makes the building overnight, Chinese enterprises can travel in a short time, only the construction of a commercial advantage.

Traditional channels of the chain of increasingly tight channels

1999 7 months in the country to the United States began in Beijing on countries, companies entering the phase of the national chain of fast development. First half of 2004 the volume of businesses in the country, nearly 15 billion yuan the year may exceed 30 billion yuan mark. Another giant of the great chain Suning, market performance is leaps and bounds in 2004, the annual turnover must be less than 20 billion yuan. If combined, such as high, mid and large, Wing-lok, paraelectric, Tom Lee and two other sales channels in China sales in 2004 estimated that the turnover device chain as a whole will exceed 80 billion yuan mark. Two years ago, the figure is 20 million yuan. Today, home sales chain and fourth in the world the unity. If this trend continues to grow, the electronics chain expected to form the three years, half of the world situation.

At present the markets, primary and secondary schools in urban areas, over 80% The sales of the devices were completed large appliances chains, traditional channels such as department stores, specialty shops, such as Sales less. Therefore, a question on the table, the electronics chain, on the one hand, the traditional channels to do?

Historically, the field of electrical appliances in the different sales people, most of the time, and department stores, appliance store owner involved, and now most of their time resting in the pattern chain. Change your approach, we can feel the traditional channels and changes in the modern style between channels.

In fact, much more than the feeling of Electronics business in this field. When the state several times and brutally trampled on the American unit, where the price system, when countries in the device corporate market over the inherent right to the floor, while the U.S. challenge, the feeling of belonging to electrical companies, electrical in little more than frustration. Because the United States, although the country is a "trouble maker", but also selling a large car when the country returned to the U.S. grunt to seize the moment, no company can keep a calm mind.

Side is a later section problems endless huge side, a device for large firms appliances chains love hate. In light drag on the sale of traditional channels, which were to rethink their release. Therefore, the depth of the channels appliances inevitable change.

He said in 1999, when the country when U.S. is increasing rapidly, have begun to try to channel changes within the company, such as TCL.

Now, with the rising tide of companies chain, this change has been from the time he can change the order.

The current situation requires a new channel

In reality consists of two channels (channels from traditional channels and the big chains) Decision of misfortune.

And the large national chains in the chain compared to the benefits and disadvantages of the traditional channels are clear.

Main features Advantages: wide coverage, in-depth levels of consumer market to buy, maintain the small size, low entry barriers, the development of the dealers is relatively easy.

features major drawback: only one distributor are limited, the development of resistance, the range of outlets, market management and high-cost reseller channel of the general lack of knowledge brand, brand sales largely depend on (eg, TCL is the brand of product) brand pull the string (as strings GOME is the brand) is difficult create tension.

Then, a large force of appliances and weaknesses of different people this chain?

Key Features Benefits: a class of rich products, consumers can choose from a large space, the channels of influence brand (now, U.S. consumers know the country and how apparatus "buy house About the Author

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