Seth Thomas Antique Clocks Value

How I can know the value of my antique clock?

Seth Thomas mantle clock is a late 1800

Here are some links to http://antiques.about.com/cs/clocks/index.htm about.com antique clocks evaluate http://antiques.about.com/od/clockspriceguides/index.htm

Antique Clocks: Early American Clockmakers : Early American Clockmakers: Seth Thomas Company

Seth Thomas Antique Clocks Value

The Standard Antique Clock Value Guide


Yesterday’s timepieces are presented with today’s market value. All the original black and white images have been preserved and improved, and there are hundreds of clocks to see – wall and mantel clocks, hall clocks, regulators, novelty, lever, spring, and weight clocks. The type of clock, the pattern name, the approximate date, and the size of the dial or height of the clock are listed. Eleven pr…

Seth Thomas Antique Clocks Value

Hoist a Cold One!: Historic Bars of the Southwest


Throwing a few drinks back at the bar is a timeless tale of humanity. In the American Old West, this tale played out in ramshackle huts and stylish establishments alike in some of the most unforgiving terrain imaginable. While the legendary Crystal Palace in Tombstone, Arizona, had little in common with the tent cities that sprang up in Leadville, Colorado, and Silver City, New Mexico, one common …

Seth Thomas Antique Clocks Value

Talking of Michelangelo: 20 Memories


In this third volume of memories, the author depicts some of the people he’s met along the way. These anecdotal sketches illuminate some famous folks, to be sure—encounters with writers like Walter Tevis (The Hustler), Robert Penn Warren (All the King’s Men), and Richard Yates (Revolutionary Road), even sidelong glances at historical giants like Abe Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant, as well as a…

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  1. mark wolf 17 Aug, 2013

    Have a 1911 around the world,with three ships on the front glass of the clock,movement is seth Thomas 89D

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